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Starting this 4th of July off with some Lee. God bless the USA! Happy 4th everyone!

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Observations from a former Gleek 


I am not ashamed to admit or call myself a former Gleek. I don’t hide the fact that I no longer watch the show. Sometimes that makes me sad but most of the time I truly do not miss it. It’s not entirely the shows fault; I would devote about 70% of my reasons for leaving to the fandom itself. The Glee fandom is, in and of itself, its own world. It has the popular crowd, the haters, the stans, the shippers and the obsessed show watcher.

I was deeply immersed in the Glee world up until my divorce to my ex husband. I used Glee as an escape from a world that made me deeply unhappy. I used Glee as my happy place. When it ceased to be that, I simply stopped watching the show. But before that I analyzed, I obsessed, I wrote fan fiction, I RP’d, I even wrote reviews for the show just to try and keep my interest in a slowly feigning interest from my brain.

I have and always will be in some part a Finchel shipper. Finn and Rachel were the main reason I tuned in every week. The ups, the downs, the break ups, the make ups, the firsts, the songs, all of it made me feel happy, sad, emotional, but mostly involved. I was involved in these two teenagers’ lives so deeply that I became lost in their world so that I could avoid mine.

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The New Rachel is in a New York State of Mind 


Rachel Berry was in a New York State of mind in the Season 4 premiere of ‘Glee‘, but New York wasn’t exactly embracing Rachel with open arms. Meanwhile at McKinley, New Directions were in unfamiliar territory, popularity? If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’ll want to stop reading…spoilers ahead.   The new season of […]

Glee Tweet Roundup: August 27th 


It was a busy day in the Glee universe today as filming picked back up after the weekend off at Paramount Studios this week. Here’s the tweet roundup for the cast this afternoon, Monday, August 27th.       It appeared that both sets will be busy this week according to Michael Hitchcock – writer, […]

‘Glee’ Season 4 Promotional photos released 


We got our first look at the newly revised ‘Glee‘ cast today as the Season 4 promotional photos were released. Most of the McKinley cast was present with Sue, Will, Blaine, Brittany, Tina, Artie, and Sam all being photographed.  Also  present were the graduated seniors from Season 3: Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Santana,  Mercedes, Mike, and […]

“The New Rachel” Promo Stills & Press Release 


The press release for Episode 4×1 of ‘Glee‘ was added today along with promotional stills of the episode. “The New Rachel” **SEASON PREMIERE**—“GLEE” – (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) CC-AD-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1 IT’S TIME FOR NEW FACES AND NEW PLACES ON AN ALL-NEW “GLEE” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 ON FOX Kate Hudson (“Nine”) Guest-Stars In the season […]

Happy Birthday to the newest member of ‘Glee’: Blake Jenner 


The Glee Project 2 winner is celebrating again, only this time it’s his 20th birthday.  Blake Jenner who was born in Miami, Florida is the newest member of the cast of Glee after winning the 2nd season of the Glee Project, a reality based television show that pits up and coming actors against each other […]

'Glee' is honored for its voice 


Glee was honored with a Voice award for its Season 3 episode “On My Way” on August 22, 2012 at Paramount Studios. The Voice Awards honor TV and film writers and producers who give a voice to people with behavioral health problems in their scripts.

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Meet the new hunks of 'Glee' 

With Glee’s new take on their one-hour comedy, both New York and Lima are looking to fill their hotness quotient. Meet the newbies, Dean Geyerand Jacob Artist. Dean will be playing Brody Weston, mentor to Rachel Berry as she starts her new life at NYADA in New York; Jacob Artist will be filling in the bad boy shoes at McKinley high school as he steps into the role of Jake Puckerman, Noah’s half-brother. We look forward to seeing how the new hunks of Glee can dig in and bring these new characters to life… (READ MORE)

Meet the new hunks of ‘Glee’ | Just Media Magazine 

Check it out :) My new article on the new hunks of Glee for Just Media Magazine, where you can get all your Glee news for Season 4. :)

Hey guys….guess what….if we really think about it…..EVERYTHING we post on tumblr is STOLEN!!! Unless you actually took the picture, all your edits are STOLEN!

Hell do you how many of my actual hard worked graphics, with the text I put on them still there are used for icons, backgrounds, glee forum sigs, posted without reblogging…..A LOT!!!!! 

Guess who doesn’t give a fuck because life is too short. Tumblr has become a hodge podge of theft and crime. LOL!!! Instead of getting angry, if it really bugs you, kindly message the person and tell them. They may not actually know that the graphic is stolen.

But also, with pictures….two people can actually make very similar edits and maybe they actually made the same crop you did off someone else’s picture you yourself stole to edit too!!!

Either way, we all steal from Leamicheleweb, gleekoutbr, etc when pictures go up there. We make edits, pretty pictures and photosets, but we still steal them. Try not to just hate blindly on others who don’t know that they may have taken your stolen graphic as well. It could be a really nice person, and a really big misunderstanding that you just trashed. :) 

Peace love and glee.

I just want to take this moment to say that one of my favorite friends on tumblr is littlegleeprincess. She takes time to give us all the news she gets through anons and links she finds. I appreciate what she does. She doesn’t do it to outsource anyone. She does it because she loves Monchele. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. 

Lately I’ve seen people bullying, making fun of, and taking jabs at her on tumblr and twitter. I stood by quietly because I didn’t want to cause a stir, but I wont do that anymore. If I allow it to take place without saying I feel it is wrong, then I am just as guilty.

So instead I’m here to say, I adore her, I love her blog, she’s an awesome person who has been there for me when I was at my lowest.

If you have an issue with her, or bully or make fun of her, please unfollow me now, because I can’t stand for that kind of behavior and neither should you.

I won’t post the blogs and twitters who are actively calling her out by tumblr name, but if you see it, you should block or unfollow those blogs because no one should be ok with bullying those of us in our own fandom. We should all stand up against intolerance.

Thank you

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Everything that’s awesome, must come to an end… 

I have been a part of Gleefully-finchel since 2010. It has brought me joy, frustration, and sometimes a ton of hassle. Having a blog that has over 3500 followers really makes everything you say somehow stand up as some sort of voice in the fandom. And frankly, I don’t want to be that voice anymore.

I have enjoyed fighting in the trenches over Finchel or Cory or Lea. I have enjoyed my snark. I will never lose that snark. However, I am not interested in being judged for it anymore. Thus I am shutting the doors on Gleefully-finchel. Everything good must come to an end and with Glee on hiatus, now is as good a time as any to bow out.

My blog won’t be deleted at this time, who knows what the future holds or what may show up in this space in the future, in the meantime, I still run subblogs, such as my bonnie dune blog off this account, feel free to message me if you need to. For my friends that I talk to daily, you’ll know how to find me. I’m not leaving you silly goons.

For everyone who has re-blogged, tagged, enjoyed, read, and loved what I’ve posted, I thank you for keeping me going for as long as you did. Love to you all. :)



gleefully-finchel replied to your post: Why do you guys keep making graphics about how…

they send this to you because they wont own up and send it to me because i dont have anon on. I MADE IT BECAUSE I WANTED TO. Come talk to me asshole.

I know. It’s easier send these messages being anon! haha

Or just talk shit about you elsewhere but whatever. I’m pretty close to making a decision to shut my blog down. This fandom, from all sides, is the most judgmental group off assholes I’ve had the displeasure of being a part of.

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Me,you and our babies.

That’s is all I need.

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